The services we provide

Why should you choose our services?

Individual approach to each client.

We will always come to the rescue!

We are interested in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients.

We guarantee anonymity and non-disclosure of your data.

Regular customers get discounts from 5% to 20%.

Branding Luxury
A unique style of your product created from scratch. Logo, website layout, game logo, forum style, and turnkey personal account style. (layout is not included)
Forum Design
A fully created style for your forum with layout.
Game Design
HTML design / Community Board / Creating a logo, buttons to suit your style.
Turnkey server assembly
500$ от
Fully assembled JAVA server. Chronicles are at your discretion.
Turnkey game project
We will put together a completely ready-made project for you to open, your task will only be to make an advertising company, and create payment-cash desks for receiving funds.
Configuring the Server
Any configuration of the lineage 2 game server.
Advertising of MMO games
15$ - 100$ the price is floating
Promotional mailings on popular messengers, social networks and voice applications. Work as a clan manager.
Community Manager
100$ month
Full introduction of social networks, voice applications. Publication of posts on the forum, in applications.
Technical administrator!
200$ month
Full-fledged administration of your game project, from setting up the web part to server hardware. And the game server.
Invision Power Board / Xenforo
Услуги связанные с IPB/IPS (Invision Power Board) / Xenforo
Services related to StressWeb
Installing a secure SW build. Configuring the current SW build.
Services related to MMOWEB 2 / 4
Setting up, adapting templates, installing

Additional information

Payment procedure for services

Payment is made by priority VISA/MASTERCARD/ QIWI methods, there are many possibilities for accepting payments, find out by contacts.


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How we work

We always understand the goals of the product and the tasks that it should perform. When starting to perform services, we try to study the project, its philosophy and technology as much as possible. We also analyze the activities of competitors. And therefore, in the end, we always get a pre-planned, expected result. Such a scrupulous approach allows us not to guess the reaction of the target audience, but to actually manage it. We are also well aware that this whole idea is meaningless without a creative component.

What inspires us

For thousands of years, year after year, humanity has been striving to make life more beautiful, convenient and safe. The things that surround us, concepts, ideas and opinions, whole layers of information are the result of the continuous evolution of thought and matter. We study every day and move forward. The desire to help people and improve their quality of life is what drives us to improve their game projects.

The philosophy of Steve-Dogs Family

Life is not so long to waste precious time on empty things that do not bring pleasure and benefit. A person spends a lot of time at work, discusses it at home and even sees it in a dream. It is very sad if such a job is not for him the most favorite and interesting thing in the world. Life in this case loses its meaning and value. We are happy people because we are doing something we love and useful. We have found the meaning of our life in understanding other people and helping them move towards success. This is a very difficult but joyful path that requires us to give everything and constantly improve ourselves. And we know for sure that the result justifies the effort spent every time our work makes life a little better.